Fire Warden Training Worthing

Fire Warden Training Worthing

Worthing is a worthy location for any business, ranked in the top ten for jobs and second in the country for connectivity. And with a growing service industry to back up the town’s traditional manufacturing, the future is bright. We’re here to support that future with a complete suite of fire safety training in Worthing, including Worthing fire marshal training, which can be adapted to any field, from the simple, office-based workplaces of the Inland revenue to the high risk chemicals of GlaxoSmithKline.

Fire Warden Training Worthing
Course Name
Price: £445
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12


Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Whatever industry you are in, you must comply with your statutory obligations under the Fire Safety Order 2005, or you risk fines, fires and could even risk loss of life. This includes undertaking a thorough fire risk assessment, to identify and mitigate the fire risks of your business, and the appointment fire marshals or fire wardens to police those risks and protect your people and premises.


Fire Marshal Training in Worthing

Fire marshals play an important role in fire safety, taking charge to ensure that everyone is evacuated swiftly and safely in an emergency situation, and that their section is carefully checked to conform it is empty. However, they also have a day to day role to play toprevent such situations from occurring in the first place by promoting fire risk awareness with their colleagues and working proactively to reduce those risks within their appointed section.


How Many Fire Marshals Do I Need?

With so many responsibilities, a single fire marshal can only cover one floor or one specific area of your premises. Businesses with multiple floors, or diverse premises, will need one fire marshal for each distinct area, as well as extra cover for holidays and sickness. Companies in high risk industries will also need extra fire marshals to deal with the increased possibility of fire breaking out.


In House Training

We offer all of our Worthing fire safety training in house, so that we can help your team to identify the real life risks that are present in their workplaces. This gives them an accurate idea of what they need to do both day to day and in an emergency. The course takes just four hours and can be arranged at a time to suit your schedules. Our experienced and expert trainers will come to you, cutting the cost and inconvenience associated with travelling for training. The course is assessed as we go along, to ensure everyone understands the content, and all who complete the course are issued with a recognised certificate that meets current HSE requirements.


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