Fire Warden Training West Bromwich

Fire Warden Training West Bromwich

West Bromwich has enjoyed an economic upsurge in recent years, with new retailers, restaurants and leisure businesses coming to the town creating jobs and opportunities. We’re here to support all local businesses, old and new, with a complete range of compliant fire safety courses, including fire marshal training in West Bromwich, designed to make the town a safer place for both workers and visitors.

Fire Warden Training West Bromwich
Course Name
Price: £445
Duration: 6 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

All our West Bromwich fire safety courses are based around the requirements of the Fire Safety Order 2005. This important piece of legislation details all your responsibilities as an employer, including the requirement to appoint fire marshals or fire wardens. Failure to comply can lead to fines, and even fires, and could put your premises and your people in danger and put lives at risk.


How Many Fire Marshals Do I Need?

The Order provides a guide to the number of fire marshals you need, but the exact number will depend on the risks of your business, the size of your workforce and the geography or your premises. Simple, single location businesses, such as shops or small offices, may only need a single marshal with a deputy, whereas larger companies, with multiple buildings or multi-storey office blocks, will need many more.


Fire Marshal Training in West Bromwich

Fire wardens have an important part to play in the safety of your people and your premises. They are trained to be vigilant to fire risks on a day to day basis, promoting a safety mind-set amongst their colleagues. They are also responsible for fire safety within the building, such as fire exits, fire doors and fire fighting equipment.

Fire wardens have a key role to play in an emergency situation, getting everyone out swiftly and safely and checking that their appointed area is completely clear. This includes conducting a room by room sweep, including bathrooms, to check for any stragglers. The fire marshal then reports the status of their area to the person in charge.


In House Training

Our fire warden training in West Bromwich is a compact yet fully compliant course lasting just four hours. It is continually assessed, with no final examination, and all candidates are given a legally recognised certificate of attendance on completion of the course.

By offering fire marshal training in West Bromwich on an in house basis, we can make sure that your team understand exactly what the fire risks are in their workplace and what they should do in an emergency situation. In house training is very cost effective and takes up far less time for your team than travelling to a training centre.


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