Fire Warden Training Swindon

Fire Warden Training Swindon

Swindon is the main base for a wide range of businesses, from BMW and Honda car making, to head offices of organisations as diverse as the Nationwide Building Society and the National Trust.

We pride ourselves on being able to tailor our fire safety training in Swindon to any kind of company, helping employers to meet their statutory obligations and helping to keep employees safe in the workplace.

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

One of our key roles is to help employers to comply with their statutory obligations under the Fire Safety Order 2005. This includes arranging general fire awareness training in Swindon for all members of staff, as well as specific fire warden training for those appointed to this important role. We’ll help you to keep your compliant and safe as conveniently and cost effectively as possible.

Fire Marshal Training in Swindon

Fire marshals, or fire wardens, are specially appointed staff members who take on extra responsibilities for fire safety. They work proactively to prevent fires and are trained to take control in a fire situation, evacuating the building promptly and providing vital information to the fire services. Our fire warden training in Swindon takes up just half a day but teaches them everything they need to know to conduct their role effectively.

In House Training

To save time and money, our expert, experienced trainers will come to you to deliver your fire safety training in Swindon in house. Not only is this more convenient, it is also more effective, as your team are trained to recognise the risks in their own environment and drilled in the correct escape procedures.

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