Fire Warden Training Swansea

Fire Warden Training Swansea

Swansea has come a long way since its industrial roots earned it the nick name ‘the copperopolis’. Today it has become the service centre for Wales and beyond, and home to companies as diverse as the DVLA, Virgin Atlantic, Admiral and Amazon, with over 90% of the workforce employed in the service sector. Although the high risks of copper processing may be long gone, Swansea employers still have an obligation to protect their workforce and create a safe place to work. And we’re here to help, with a wide range of fire safety training in Swansea, including Swansea fire marshal courses.

Fire Warden Training Swansea
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Price: £445
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 outlines what you need to do, as an employer, to protect your people and premises from the risk of fire. This includes the appointment of fire marshals, or fire wardens, to oversee fire safety not only in an emergency, but also on a day by day basis. You must comply with these regulations or you could face significant fines.


How Many Fire Marshals Do I Need?

The idea of fire marshals is to reduce the risk of fires breaking out in the first place, and to ensure that everyone gets out safely if they do. To facilitate this, you need to appoint a number of fire marshals or fire wardens based on the layout of your premises, the number of people present and the risk level of your industry. For most service companies, the risk level will be low, but you will still need one fire marshal for each floor or distinct area of your building.


Fire Marshal Training inSwansea

Fire marshal training in Swansea covers both sides of the fire marshal’s duties. We will show them how to raise awareness of fire risks amongst their colleagues and encourage fire safe procedures. We will also explain their responsibilities for fire safety maintenance, including checking fire doors can close properly, walking escape routes to check for obstacles and maintaining fire fighting equipment.

Fire warden training in Swansea will also rehearse emergency procedures, explaining their role in evacuating and checking their designated section of the building to make sure everyone has left swiftly and safely.


About the course

With years of fire safety training behind us, we know that your team will learn better if they are taught in house rather than in the classroom. This allows us to highlight the specific risks that are present in their environment, and show them what to look out for when doing their daily checks.

In house training is not only more effective, it is also better value for money and takes less time because there is no need to travel to a training centre.


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