Fire Warden Training Sunderland

Fire Warden Training Sunderland

Alongside huge local employers like the Nissan car factory, Sunderland also has a wealth of successful smaller businesses in the service and IT sectors. Each business has its own challenges when it comes to fire safety, but all of them have to comply with the same strict legislation. Whatever your business, large or small, we can help you provide the fire training courses in Sunderland that you need for your team.

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

As an employer, you have a number of obligations under the Fire Safety Order 2005, including conducting a fire risk assessment and appointing fire marshals or fire wardens to help protect your people and premises. We can help you ensure that your company meets both its legal obligations under the order, and its moral obligations to create a safer workplace for staff and visitors alike.

Fire Marshal Training in Sunderland

Appointing and training fire marshals or fire wardens can make a significant difference to your fire safety. They will take responsibility for proactive fire prevention as well as emergency evacuations, using the knowledge and skills they have been taught to reduce risks, prevent damage and save lives. Our Sunderland fire warden training takes just four hours and can be arranged at your convenience.

In House Training

All of our fire safety courses in Sunderland can be arranged in house, so that staff can be shown how to react to a live emergency situation, as well as demonstrating the real risks of fire within their working environment. In house training is highly cost effective and very convenient.

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