Fire Warden Training Stockton on Tees

Fire Warden Training Stockton on Tees
Fire Warden Training Stockton on Tees
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Price: £445
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12

Stockton on Tees has always led the way, from the first steam passenger train in 1825, to the impressive £300 million North shore development currently under construction. We’re here to support all local companies, whatever their industry, with a complete range of fire safety training in Stockton, covering everything from customer safety in leisure facilities, to fire marshal training in Stockton for construction workers at Northshore.


Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Things have come a long way since those pioneering days of steam, and all modern businesses must now comply with the provisions of the Fire Safety Order. This includes providing basic fire awareness training in Stockton for all members of staff, as well as the appointment and training of formal fire marshals or fire wardens to supervise in an emergency.


How Many Fire Marshals Do I Need?


The number of fire marshals you need to appoint will depend on the size, nature and location of your business. Larger, higher risk businesses with more buildings or distinct business areas, will need more fire marshals, while simple, low risk companies may only need one fire marshal plus a deputy for cover. Your fire risk assessment will guide you as to the exact numbers you need.


Fire Marshal Training in Stockton on Tees


Fire marshals play a key role in both day to day fire prevention and one off fire emergencies. Day to day they have a responsibility to proactively prevent fires by encouraging a high level of fire risk awareness. They are also responsible for ensuring that everything is ready in case of an emergency, including clear evacuation routes, fully operational fire doors and effective fire fighting equipment.

If an evacuation is needed, they must step up and take charge, ensuring everyone gets out swiftly and safely, helping anyone with special needs, before conducting a thorough sweep of their section for any stragglers.


In House Training


Fire warden training in Stockton on Tees takes just four hours and provides a compact yet comprehensive insight into this important role. All candidates are assessed as we go along to make sure everyone understands their role, and on completion of the course, they are awarded a legally recognised certificate of attendance.

All our fire safety courses in Stockton on Tees can be arranged in house at your convenience. This makes the training far more relevant as staff are trained in their everyday environment, so they can identify their own hazards and escape routes, and can even include demonstrations of fire fighting equipment if there is a suitable location for this. In house training is not only more effective and engaging, it is also more convenient and better value for money.


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