Fire Warden Training Stockport

While lying close to Manchester, Stockport has a distinct identity, and industry, of its own, with a diverse range of businesses making their home in and around the town. We’re here to support all those different companies with fire safety training in Stockport, including Stockport fire marshal training, designed to meet all your statutory obligations effectively and affordably. Our experts will come to you, at your convenience, to deliver in house training for your team to help them protect your property, your premises and your people.

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Your legal obligations are laid out in the Fire Safety Order of 2005, which outlines what you need to do to reduce the risk of fire and create a safer workplace. This includes conducting a fire risk assessment of your premises, as well as appointing fire marshals, or fire wardens, to act on the assessment’s recommendations.

Fire Marshal Training inStockport

Fire marshals are ordinary staff members who have volunteered to take extra responsibilities to protect their colleagues. They work to proactively reduce the fire risk, raise fire awareness and make sure that the provisions you have made, such as fire doors and fire fighting equipment, are correctly placed and regularly checked.

In an emergency situation, the fire marshal will take responsibility for clearing their appointed section as quickly as possible, assisting anyone with special needs. They will then sweep the section, room by room, to check no one has been left behind. It would not be possible to check most businesses as quickly or as thoroughly without the invaluable help of fire marshals.


How Many Fire Marshals Do I Need?

Your fire risk assessment will help you decide how many fire marshals or fire wardens you need to safely evacuate your buildings. You may only need a single fire marshal for a shop or small office, but larger buildings and more complex operations will need many more to effectively clear and check all areas within a short space of time. If you have an increased risk of fire due to your business operations, you need to increase the number of fire marshals appointed.


In House Training

We encourage companies to book their fire marshal training in Stockport in house, so that we can point out the actual risks present in their workplace. By training your team where their skills will be used, we can make them much more efficient, saving time that could save lives. The course takes just four hours and can be delivered at any time to suit your schedules. There is no final exam as the session is continuously assessed.


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First aid courses are also delivered at your workplace.