Fire Warden Training Slough

Fire Warden Training Slough

From Mars bars to Dulux paints, McAffee software to Blackberry phones, Slough is home to broad base of companies covering a range of industries.

Whatever field of business you are in, whatever the size of your company, we can provide all the Slough fire safety training you need, with expert trainers available at affordable rates.

Fire Warden Training Slough
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Price: £445
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Naturally, fire safety means more than just complying with the regulations; it is about making sure your people and property are safe. Nonetheless, it is important that you are aware of your obligations and take the required steps to meet them through appointing and training the appropriate people. We can help you decide exactly what fire safety measures you need to take, and support you with a full package of cost effective courses.


Fire Marshal Training in Slough

The appointment of nominated fire marshals or fire wardens is one of the fundamental obligations of the Fire Safety Order. These key staff members are responsible for keeping everyone else safe, both day to day through risk reduction, and in the unlikely event of an emergency. The duties of a fire marshal include taking responsibility for the fire precautions in their appointed area, including escape routes, fire doors, passive safety equipment and fire extinguishers. They also work to promote a mind-set of fire safety amongst the workforce. In an emergency, they will sweep their section checking that everyone has left the building and providing assistance for anyone with special needs.


How Many Fire Marshals Do I Need?

The number of fire marshals / fire wardens depends on what you do and where you do it. Low risk activities, in simple buildings, may only require a single warden (with cover for illness and holidays), while higher risks and more complex premises require a greater number of appointed persons. Your fire risk assessment will give you an idea of the number of people you need to appoint.


In House Training

Our fire warden training in Slough delivers a comprehensive syllabus in just four hours, leaving your team trained and ready to go. Our expert team have years of experience in fire safety training, and will work with your appointed fire marshals to make sure they have the confidence and knowledge they need to work effectively in preventing fires and keeping you safe.


No amount of theory can replace fire safety training on site, pointing out the actual risks and demonstrating live escape routes in the event of fire. That’s why we offer all of our courses in house, in the actual workplace where their skills and knowledge will be used. In house training is also very cost effective and minimises disruption.


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