Fire Warden Training Shrewsbury

Fire Warden Training Shrewsbury

By far the best way to deliver fire safety training is to present the course in house within the workplace where the skills will be used. This allows our expert trainers to illustrate the key points with real life examples, making the course far more relevant and useful to candidates. We can also offer training on the best evacuation routes and the hazards they may pose, saving valuable time when it matters most.
Since there is no time lost travelling to a training centre, this style of delivery is also more convenient and cost effective for the sponsoring company.


Fire Warden Training Shrewsbury
Course Name
Price: £445
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12

Fire Warden Training in Shrewsbury
As the home of Charles Darwin, nowhere knows more about the importance of growth and diversity than Shrewsbury, and this is reflected in the many and varied businesses that have evolved in and around the town.
We’re here to support Shrewsbury businesses at all stages of their development, from embryonic start-ups to long established companies at the top of the food chain. Our fire safety training helps businesses large and small to meet their statutory obligations, and includes fire warden courses in Shrewsbury for your nominated staff.

What is a fire warden and why do I need them?

A fire warden, sometimes called a fire marshal, is a nominated member of staff who helps maintain fire safety within the workplace. They are a statutory requirement of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and failure to comply can lead to prosecution and fines.

More importantly, if you do not have a fire warden in attendance, it can slow down the evacuation of your premises in an emergency, which can have serious consequences, including loss of life.

How many fire marshals do I need?

The Order compels companies to carry out a fire risk assessment, and to appoint the number of fire wardens this assessment indicates. Simple businesses, such as shops and small offices, may only need a single fire warden plus cover, while more complex companies will need more to provide cover for high risk areas and diverse building layouts. Our team has vast experience of the legislation and can offer advice on numbers if required.


About the course

The course can be completed in just four hours, with no requirement for a formal test at the end. Our professional instructors will assess all candidates as we go along to ensure complete understanding. The course leads to a certificate of attendance, which meets your obligations as an employer under the current law.


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