Fire Warden Training Scunthorpe

Fire Warden Training Scunthorpe
Fire Warden Training Scunthorpe
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Price: £445
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12

For your convenience, we carry out all our fire marshal courses in Scunthorpe in house at your premises. This allows our expert team to illustrate the principles of fire prevention using real life examples in the workplace. We can train your team on actual escape routes and flag up dangers that could slow down an evacuation. This can make a vital difference when the time comes to use these skills.

In house training is highly cost effective and cuts down on time away from work. We also find it is more relevant and engaging for candidates than remote classroom learning.

Scunthorpe Fire Marshal Course

From printed circuit boards to processed foods, cooking sauces to steel, Scunthorpe has an eclectic mix of industries operating in and around the town. Whatever you make, we’re here to help you make it in a safer, fire free environment, with a comprehensive range of fire safety training, including fire warden courses in Scunthorpe.

Delivered by expert instructors, at your premises and at your convenience, our courses will help you make your workplace a safer place, as well as keeping your company on the right side of all the latest HSE laws.

What laws do I need to know about?

Under the rules of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, all companies are obliged to take steps to reduce the risk of fire in the workplace. This includes conducting a fire risk assessment and appointing a number of fire marshals or fire wardens to monitor those risks. The number of wardens required will vary according to the risks of the workplace, the number of staff and the layout of your premises. Shift patterns and regular absences will also require extra provision. Our experienced team can help you work out the right number of fire marshals required.

What does a fire marshal do?

The role of the fire marshal is to protect their colleagues and their workplace from the risk of fire. This not only means overseeing evacuations during fire drills and actual emergencies, but also involves day to day vigilance to ensure escape routes are kept clear, fire doors are not blocked and staff understand how to avoid causing fires in the first pace.


About the course

You only need to set aside half a day for Scunthorpe fire warden training, as our compact course covers everything in just four hours. We work closely with candidates throughout the course, so there is no need for a test at the end. Each future fire marshal who completes the course is awarded a certificate of attendance which is widely recognised.


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We also deliver fire warden training in Chester.

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