Fire Warden Training Sale

Fire Warden Training Sale

Sale capitalises on its close proximity to Manchester with a host of office based support services such as property, finance and business. While they may not be high-risk industries in terms of fire, these companies still need to appoint fire marshals and to provide fire safety courses for their staff. We’re here to provide a full range of fire safety training in Sale to help you protect your premises and your people, and to comply with all current fire safety legislation.

Fire Warden Training Sale
Course Name
Price: £445
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

All fire legislation in England and Wales was brought together in a single order in 2005, detailing exactly what you need to do as an employer. This includes undertaking a fire risk assessment, and arranging fire marshal training in Sale for your appointed staff members. Failure to comply with the legislation may be very costly, not only in fines, but also in losses due to fire, and potentially loss of life, so it makes sense to arrange fire marshal training as soon as possible.


Fire Marshal Training in Sale

One of the main fire prevention measures of the Order is the requirement to appoint and train fire marshals or fire wardens at your premises. It is their job to promote fire awareness and to work to reduce risks throughout the workplace, such as checking fire doors, keeping exits clear of obstructions and ensuring fire extinguishers are correctly maintained and positioned.

Fire marshals are also responsible for taking charge in the event of a fire, making sure both colleagues and visitors are evacuated safely and that their appointed section is fully cleared before reporting this to the appropriate person.


How Many Fire Marshals Do I Need?

The Fire Safety Order does not mandate the number of fire marshals you need, but makes recommendations based on the nature, size and layout of your business. You will need to undertake a fire risk assessment to see how many fire marshals you should appoint. This can range from a single fire marshal (with a deputy for cover) for a small shop or office, to multiple fire marshals for premises with several buildings or offices with several floors.


In House Training

We offer fully compliant, half day fire warden training in Sale, which can be arranged in house at your convenience. The course is taught on a continual assessment basis and each attendee will receive a legally compliant certificate at the end of the course.

To make your Sale fire warden training as relevant as possible, we recommend arranging your courses in house. Our expert team will come to you and deliver courses tailored to the unique risks and escape routes of your workplace. This type of training not only saves time and money but also increases staff engagement.


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