Fire Warden Training Rochdale

Fire Warden Training Rochdale
Fire Warden Training Rochdale
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Price: £445
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12

As the birthplace of the CoOperative movement, Rochdale has led the world in putting people first. And we’re here to help the town’s businesses to continue to do just that, by creating safer workplaces for staff and visitors alike, through professional fire safety training and fire marshal trainingin Rochdale.


Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

You have a number of obligations both to your workforce and to the visitors to your premises, and these are outlined in the Fire Safety Order of 2005. This explains the need for general fire awareness training in Rochdale, as well as your obligation to provide fire marshals or fire wardens to promote fire safety.


Fire Marshal Training in Rochdale


When it comes to an emergency situation, fire marshals, or fire wardens will take over, guiding everyone to safety and ensuring your company fire protocols are followed. This includes checking their designated area is clear, assisting anyone who needs additional help and reporting in to the responsible person.

Fire marshals also have a role to play in day-to-day fire awareness and risk reduction, keeping passageways and escape routes clear and educating their co-workers in fire risks and how to avoid them.


How Many Fire Marshals Do I Need?


The nature of your business, the size of your staff and the layout of your premises will all play a part in determining how many fire marshals you need. Higher risk industries, larger companies or businesses with a diverse range of buildings may need many fire marshals, while a simple shop or office may only need one. Remember, you will also need deputies to cover for holidays and other absences. There are no set rules on the number of fire marshals required, however, you will find worked examples in the fire risk assessment guides. It is up to you to determine the number of fire marshals you need based on your own fire risk assessment.


In House Training


Our four hour fire warden training in Rochdale provides a complete course for your nominated staff members, covering all the knowledge and techniques they need to operate effectively and confidently in all aspects of their role.The course is delivered by experienced experts who continually assess candidates to ensure they have understood their role and responsibilities.

We always try to train in house, as this gives your team the benefit of seeing the actual fire risks present in their own workplace. In house fire marshal training can be arranged to suit your shifts and schedules and can be highly cost effective, with no costs or time required for travel to a training centre.


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To find out how we can work with you to make your workplace a safer place, and help your company to fully comply with the rules regarding fire marshal training, talk to our experienced team today on 0800 774 7034 or use the form below.






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