Fire Warden Training Reading

Fire Warden Training Reading

Unlike many satellite towns, Reading is such an important local employer that it actually has a net inflow of workers coming from London.

We’re here to support those workers with a range of fire safety training in Reading that will make their working environment safer, and could even save their lives.

Fire Warden Training Reading
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Price: £445
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12

Despite being so close to the capital, Reading has more commuters going in to town each day than going out, making it one of the UK’s top locations for economic success and attracting the like of Microsoft and PepsiCo. Whether you are in software or soft drinks, you have a duty of care to your workforce, including looking after their fire safety. We can deliver a full range of fire safety training in Reading, including Reading fire marshal training for appointed members of staff.

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Your duty of care obligations are outlined in the Fire Safety Order of 2005, which brought together a wide range of different fire regulations under a single statute. This key document explains your requirement to carry out a fire risk assessment and to appoint an appropriate number of fire wardens, or fire marshals, based on the results.


How Many Fire Marshals Do I Need?

There is no set number of fire marshals required, and you will need to decide on the appropriate number based on several different factors. These include the risk level of your operations, the number of staff members you have and the layout of your premises. For example, a simple, single storey office may only need a single fire marshal (plus cover for holidays), whereas a manufacturing plant will need more marshals to cover the increased risk and the diverse areas of operation, such as workshops and heavy machinery.


Fire Marshal Training in Reading

Our Reading fire marshal training is conducted by experienced, expert trainers and covers both the day to day role of the fire marshal and their special responsibilities in the event of an emergency. The day to day role includes raising awareness of fire risks, as well as checking the premises for fire safety, keeping escape routes clear and fire doors operable. In an emergency, the fire marshal is responsible for the swift and safe evacuation of their nominated section, including a final sweep through to check for any stragglers.


In House Training

We always prefer to deliver our fire warden training in house, as this allows us to demonstrate the actual fire risks that are present in the premises, and to rehearse escape routes and final checks. We can also demonstrate fire fighting equipment where this is practical. In house training is much more meaningful and useful for your team than classroom theory. It is also more flexible and can save your company time and money, minimising disruption and avoiding the cost of travelling for training. If in house training is not possible, we can arrange open fire marshal courses in Reading with set dates and times.


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We also offer first aid training.



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