Fire Warden Training Oxford

Fire Warden Training Oxford

Oxford may be one of the foremost university cities in the world, but it still needs expert training when it comes to fire safety. We can provide a complete range of courses to suit every kind of company, from colleges to car manufacturers, research labs to academic publishers.

Whether you are in an ultra modern, purpose built facility, or struggling with one of the ancient dreaming spires, we’re here to help you create a safer environment for everyone to enjoy.

Fire Warden Training Oxford
Course Name
Price: £445
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Whether you are a company or a college, your operations fall under the Fire Safety Order, meaning you are legally obliged to provide training for your staff, including fire marshal training in Oxford. We can work with your management team to create the right package of fire safety training to make sure you meet your obligations.


Fire Marshal Training in Oxford

Fire marshals, or fire wardens as they are often known, are responsible for the safe evacuation of your premises in an emergency, checking the building is empty and liaising with the fire brigade to tell them anything they need to know about your premises. They also have a role to play in fire prevention, reducing risks around your workplace. This includes raising fire risk awareness with staff and students, keeping escape routes free of obstacles and ensuring fire doors are free to operate properly and are not propped or tied open.


How Many Fire Wardens Do I Need?

Your formal fire risk assessment includes an assessment of the number of fire wardens required. This ranges from a single fire warden for simple single storey buildings, to multiple wardens for high risk areas and campuses with diverse buildings and labs. Remember, you will also require extra staff to cover in the event of absence.


In House Training

Our fire warden training in Oxford gives a great grounding in fire safety in just a half day, fully compliant course.The course is taught by industry experts, who will assess candidates throughout the session to make sure they understand their responsibilities. Successful candidates receive a certificate of attendance, which meets your obligations under the Order.

By training your team in house, we can tailor our course to match your premises and the unique fire risks they contain. We find that staff respond far better to this type of training, as it shows them how to act in their own environment, and provides practice of the key escape routes that should be used. In house training gives your fire marshals the confidence they need to take control and act effectively.


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We also deliver first aid training courses.



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