Fire Warden Training Harrogate

Fire Warden Training Harrogate

Our fire marshal courses in Harrogate cover every aspect of the nominated person’s duties, from the day to day checks and fire prevention procedures, to the actions required in an emergency. We teach our courses in house so that delegates can see how the principles play out in their own workplace. That way they can rehearse escape routes and be aware of risks in advance, shaving vital minutes off evacuation times, which could save lives.

In house training is also much more cost effective and more convenient for all concerned, minimising time away from work. The training is a 4 hour course with all delegates participating in practical fire extinguisher training.


Fire Warden Training Harrogate
Course Name
Price: £445
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12

Fire Warden Training in Harrogate
From Yorkshire Tea to spring water, toffee to cheese, Harrogate has many famous food manufacturers. It is also known across the country as a major conference destination, attracting over 350,000 delegates every year.
With such a variety of businesses, serving such a diverse customer base, it is essential to find appropriate training to keep Harrogate safe and protect both staff and visitors from unnecessary risks.
We can offer a full range of fire safety training in house, at your premises, to help you both comply with the law and keep your colleagues, customers and conference delegates safe, including fire warden courses in Harrogate.

Why do I need fire wardens?

Fire wardens are a statutory obligation under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. They are also a sensible part of your health and safety strategy and play a vital role in both preventing fires and preventing casualties if fire breaks out. Every company is required to appoint fire wardens, or fire marshals as they are sometimes called, in accordance with their fire risk assessment.

How many fire marshals do I need?

Your fire risk assessment is designed to analyse the risks from fire based on the size of your workforce, the nature of your business and the layout of your business premises. For example, a conference hall with a large number of delegates will require several fire wardens to affect a swift and safe evacuation. Similarly, a company with a range of stores, workshops and warehouses will need several fire wardens in order to check and clear all the different units.


About the course

In house fire marshal training is a half day course, which is delivered by expert, experience trainers. We will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required, show staff how to check escape routes and even how to use fire fighting equipment if appropriate. The course has no exam as it is continually assessed as we go along.


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