Fire Warden Training Halifax

Fire Warden Training Halifax

Our top class training team aims to deliver all of our fire marshal courses in Halifax on site, within the actual workplace in which your wardens will operate. This not only makes the course feel more relevant than a remote classroom lecture, it also helps them to see the real risks that are present. In house training, on-site, can shave valuable time off emergency procedures, increasing the safety of all concerned. It is also much more convenient and cost effective for companies, minimising the time away from work and cutting out the cost of travel to a training centre. The training also includes practical fire extinguisher training for delegates providing there is a suitable outside are to discharge them.

Fire Warden Training Halifax
Course Name
Price: £445
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12

Halifax has had to diversify since the days of the mills, and the modern town is home to a wide range of household names, from the eponymous bank to the popular Quality Street brand. It even houses the UK’s largest workers’ cooperative at Suma Wholefoods. Whether you work with real coins or chocolate ones, we’re here to help you make your workplace a safer place, with a full range of fire safety training including fire warden courses in Halifax.

Why do I need fire wardens?

Fire wardens are compulsory under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. All workplaces must undertake a fire risk assessment and appoint the appropriate number of wardens based on the result. Failure to comply with the order can lead to fines, prosecutions and could even result in serious losses for your company, including loss of life.

What do fire wardens do

The role of the fire warden, often called a fire marshal, is two-fold. They have a responsibility for day to day fire safety, including reducing risks and checking escape routes. They will raise awareness of fire safety amongst their colleagues and arrange regular fire drills.

Fire wardens also have a significant role to play in an emergency situation. They are responsible for the swift and safe evacuation of their designated section of your premises, and must check, room by room, to ensure that everyone has left safely. Both roles can have life saving results, so it is important that your wardens are given expert professional training by an experienced company.

 About the course

The course can be arranged at your convenience, to accommodate your shift patterns and your changing workload. It takes just half a day to complete and covers everything required by the Fire Safety Order. We will assess each candidate as we go along to ensure a thorough understanding, so there is no need for a final exam. All candidates who complete the course are awarded a certificate of attendance which is recognised by the HSE.


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We also deliver fire marshal courses in Leeds.

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