Fire Warden Training Guildford

Fire Warden Training Guildford
Fire Warden Training Guildford
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Price: £445
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12

From multinational companies like Phillips and Ericson, to multimedia games designers like Ghost Games and Lionhead Studios, Guildford has a diverse and thriving economy. And as the home of Dennis fire engines, no one understand more about the risks that fire can pose to all kinds of companies.

With a comprehensive range of fire safety courses, including fire warden courses in Guildford, we can help your company to significantly reduce those risks. Our top quality instructors will come to you, at your convenience to help you fulfil your legal obligations and create a safer place for your staff to work.

What are my legal obligations when it comes to fire?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005brought together a diverse set of statutes into a single piece of legislation to guide businesses on their fire prevention procedures. The Order mandates that you carry out a fire risk assessment of your premises, and that you appoint fire wardens or fire marshals to address the risks identified and maintain the highest standards of safety.

The number of wardens required will vary according to the risk level of your business and the number of people you employ, and we are happy to guide you on the right number for your company.


What do fire marshals do?

The role of the fire marshal, or fire warden, comes in two parts. Firstly, they are responsible for maintaining fire precautions and procedures in the workplace, such as keeping exits clear and raising awareness of fire risks. They also have a serious role to play in the event of a fire, taking responsibility for their appointed area and the people within it. It is down to them to get everyone out and check that no one has been left behind.

Fire Marshal Training inGuildford

Workplace fires don’t occur in the classroom or in theory, so it makes sense to train your team in the environment in which they will be called upon to act. That’s why all our fire marshal courses in Guildford are taught in-house wherever possible, using real life examples to illustrate the learning.

In-house training is not only far more effective, it is also cheaper for the company and more convenient for the candidates, with less time away from work.


About the course

Fire warden training takes just four hours, during which we will cover all aspects of this key role. The course is open to all ages and abilities and there is no exam to worry about at the end. Everyone who completes the course will be given an HSE approved certificate of attendance.


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