Fire Warden Training Gloucester

Fire Warden Training Gloucester

Gloucester has a long history in the aerospace industry, with a proud list of first flights. But we know that planes are just part of this thriving economy, so we offer a range of fire safety training in Gloucester, including fire marshal training that is suited to any business, whether you are reaching for the stars or firmly grounded in serving the local community.

Fire Warden Training Gloucester
Course Name
Price: £445
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Fire is a risk for any kind of business, from futuristic manufacturing to traditional industries, and so all employers are covered by the Fire Safety Order 2005. This covers your statutory obligations under the law, including carrying out a fire risk assessment, training your team and nominating fire marshals to take responsibility in an emergency situation.


Fire Marshal Training in Gloucester

Fire marshals can make a real difference to the safety of your people and premises, preventing fires from occurring and even saving lives when they do. They hold responsibility for daily checks of escapes routes and fire doors, as well as maintaining a more general awareness of fire risks in the workplace and the actions required by all staff to reduce these risks.

In an emergency, the fire marshal takes responsibility for their appointed section, checking room by room to ensure it has been completely evacuated, including refuge areas where people may require extra help. They are also required to close doors and windows where this is safe, and turn off as much equipment as possible, without delaying their own escape.


How Many Fire Marshals Do I Need?

The number of fire marshals or fire wardens that you need will be shown by your fire risk assessment, and each one will need appropriate training that complies with the law. You need to ensure that your premises are appropriately covered with sufficient staff to facilitate a safe evacuation, as well as deputies to cover for holidays and sickness.


In House Training

Our fire warden training in Gloucester covers everything they need to know in a concise four hour course, helping them to keep their colleagues safe and helping you to meet your obligations under the Order. The course is delivered under continual assessment to guarantee that all candidates have understood the course and know their responsibilities.

We believe that in house training is essential when it comes to fire marshal training, so that your staff understand the risks present in their workplace, and know how to get everyone out quickly and safely in an emergency. That’s why we offer all of our fire warden training in Gloucester in house at your premises at your convenience, saving time and money as well as delivering the most effective training.


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Failure to comply with the law can be costly, and a fire can cost even more, perhaps even lives, so don’t delay, call our experts now on 0800 774 7034 or complete the form below to arrange your fire warden training.


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