Fire Warden Training Eastbourne

Fire Warden Training Eastbourne

Eastbourne welcomes a wide range of visitors every year, from holidaymakers to conference delegates, and it is important for the reputation of the town, as well as the safety of the individuals, that the highest standards of fire safety are maintained at all businesses and venues.
We can offer a wide range of Eastbourne fire safety training, both for your general staff and your appointed fire marshals or fire wardens. This training can be conducted in house, right there on the coast, avoiding the time and cost of travel.

Fire Warden Training Eastbourne
Course Name
Price: £445
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12


Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

The Fire Safety Order was created to make it clear to employers exactly what their responsibilities were when it comes to protecting people and premises. Failure to meet those responsibilities not only puts your business at risk from both fire and fines, but could also cost lives.

Fire Marshal Training in Eastbourne

One of the main requirements of the Order is that businesses of all sizes appoint and provide training for fire marshals or fire wardens. These are usually volunteers, although you can ask someone to step up to the role if needed. Fire marshals are trained to spot fire risks and ensure that a prompt evacuation can take place if fire breaks out. This involves checking that escape routes are clear, that fire doors are operational and that staff understand what to do in an emergency. When the alarm sounds, it is the fire warden’s responsibility to make sure everyone in their appointed area gets out quickly and safely and that no one is left behind.


How Many Fire Marshals Do I Need?

A fire marshal can only take effective responsibility for a certain area, and so if you have multiple floors, or multiple areas of your building, you will need multiple fire marshals. You also need to bear in mind cover for when the main fire marshal is away from the building, including sickness and holidays. High risk industries, such as heavy manufacturing, will need more wardens.


In House Training

Given that their role involves taking responsibility for a set area of your premises, it makes sense to train your fire wardens in that area, so that they can see where hazards may occur and what problems they may encounter during an evacuation. This kind of in house training is highly effective and can make a huge difference in an emergency. By training in house, you also cut time away from work and cut the cost of travel to a training centre. In house training is also more flexible than an open course, as it can be arranged at your convenience. The course takes just four hours and is continuously assessed.


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