Fire Warden training Crawley

Fire Warden training Crawley

Crawley has seen significant growth and investment in recent years, making it one of the most important towns in the South East. We’re here to ensure that this growth occurs safely, creating workplaces that are free from fire risks and well cared for by their appointed fire marshals or fire wardens.


Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

We’re also here to help you to understand and comply with your responsibilities under the Fire Safety Order 2005. We’ll help you work out what Crawley fire safety courses you need, and provide those courses for you in house, at your convenience, bringing in years of experience and expertise to your company.


Fire Marshal Training in Crawley

As a nominated fire warden or fire marshal, it is your job to encourage fire risk awareness and enforce fire safety within the workplace. You are responsible for checking fire doors and fire escape routes to make sure that they are clear of obstructions and easy to access if and when they are needed, as well as ensuring fire extinguishers are properly positioned and well maintained.

You are also required to step up when a fire occurs, confidently taking control to ensure the safe evacuation of all staff and visitors. You will then check the premises thoroughly to make sure everyone has left and no one requires extra assistance, before leaving and reporting in to the person in charge.


How Many Fire Marshals Are Required?

There are no set numbers of fire marshals required by law, but you are obliged to provide an appropriate number based on your fire risk assessment. This is based on factors such as your building layout, total number of staff and the nature of your business. As a rough guide, each separate building, floor or distinct area of your premises will require its own fire marshal, with deputies appointed to cover shifts and holidays so there is always a fully trained fire marshal available when the workplace is in use.

In House Training

We can prepare your staff for their role with four hours of fire warden training in Crawley, which covers all the essentials and is fully compliant with the law. For training to be as effective as possible, your staff need to see the real risks of their workplace. That’s why we always aim to deliver Crawley fire marshal training in house, using real life examples from your workplace, demonstrating actual escape routes and, where possible, demonstrating your fire fighting equipment. This is a very efficient and cost effective way to meet your statutory training obligations.


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Fire Warden Training Crawley
Course Name
Price: £445
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12