Fire Warden Training Bury

Fire  Warden Training Bury

Like many former mill towns, Bury has had to diversify to survive, with a wide range of businesses from pudding makers to supermarket service providers. The arrival of The Rock has further strengthened the town, attracting visitors from the surrounding villages.

Whether you are cooking black pudding, or fixing ovens for others to cook in, we’re here to help you do it more safely, with a complete range of fire safety courses, including fire warden courses in Bury. Delivered by expert instructors in-house at your convenience, these courses can save time and money while helping you to comply with all your statutory obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Fire Warden Training Bury
Course Name
Price: £445
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2-12

What are my statutory obligations?

Under the Order, companies are obliged to identify and mitigate fire risks on their premises. This includes carrying out a fire risk assessment and appointing fire marshals or fire wardens to monitor fire safety.

All businesses must have fire wardens, even where there is no apparent risk of fire, such as a small office or shop. Businesses with greater risk, such as manufacturing plants, will need more wardens, as will larger companies and companies spread out over several buildings. We will be happy to work with you to decide on an appropriate level of cover for your company.

What is the role of the fire warden?

The fire warden takes on responsibility for fire safety in their appointed section of the company. This may be the floor of an office, a section of a manufacturing plant or a complete workshop or warehouse. Their job is to maintain fire readiness, by clearing exits, unblocking fire doors and checking fire fighting equipment. In the event of a fire, their job is to get everyone out as quickly as possible, assisting anyone who needs help and checking carefully that no one is trapped inside.


Fire Marshal Training inBury

To maximise the effectiveness of our training, we always try to deliver fire marshal courses in Bury in the workplace where the skills and knowledge will be applied. This brings the theory alive and makes it immediate and relevant for all concerned. In-house training of this type is also more cost effective for your company and more convenient for your staff.


About the course

We can give your appointed fire marshals all the training they require in just four hours, with experienced expert trainers working closely with small groups. This allows continual assessment of each candidate and avoids the need for any final exam. All delegates who finish the course are provided with a certificate of attendance that meets the requirements of the Order in full.


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