Fire Warden Training Blackpool

Fire Warden Training Blackpool
Fire Warden Training Blackpool
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Price: £445 per group
Duration: 4 hours
Delegate(s): 2 - 12 delegates

Fire Warden Training Blackpool

Blackpool may be famous for its tower and promenade, fairgrounds and fun, but it is also home to a huge number of small businesses. We can tailor our fire safety training in Blackpool to suit you, whether you welcome millions of visitors every year, or employ just a few staff on the edge of town. One of the most important elements of this training is the education of fire marshals or fire wardens.


Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

From huge theatres and shows to small workshops and warehouses, all businesses must comply with the Fire Safety Order 2005 when it comes to their staff and premises. This includes the appointment and training of a set number of fire marshals or fire wardens. Our friendly expert team will help you identify what training you need and put together a convenient, cost effective package of courses to help you comply in full with the law.


Fire Marshal Training in Blackpool

Fire marshals, or fire wardens, are ordinary workers who take on an extra role of fire prevention and emergency situation management. They have an on-going responsibility for the safety of the workplace, checking that escape routes are kept clear of hazards and that fire doors are able to operate properly to slow the advance of fire. In an emergency, it is their job to sweep through their appointed section or floor, encouraging people to evacuate promptly and assisting those in need of extra help. They also have a responsibility to report to the fire services, informing them that their section is clear and giving them all the details they need to fight the fire safely and effectively.


How Many Fire Wardens Do I Need?

The number of fire marshals required will depend on your fire risk assessment, and is dictated by the nature of your business and the layout of your premises. For example, an office building with two floors and a single staircase may only need one fire marshal, while a manufacturing company with many workshops will need more. You will also require cover for holidays and illness.


In House Training

Our four-hour fire warden training in Blackpool covers everything the law requires, producing fully qualified fire wardens to protect your people and your property. There is no examination, as the course is assessed as we go along to ensure your team understand the requirements of their role.

We offer all of our Blackpool fire safety training on an in house basis, as we believe this is the best way to raise awareness of the risks in the workplace and train staff for prompt evacuation. With no time spent travelling to a training centre, in house training is also very cost effective and convenient for most companies.


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Fire marshal training in Leeds and fire warden training courses in Manchester are locations we also deliver training to.

We also offer first aid training.


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